NEVER trust Geek Squad - HUGE thiefs

I would never take my laptop to Geek Squad, they will do exactly what you said, just keep adding problems and costs. Besides, if it was a virus issue and your computer was working fine, you could have just scanned your pc and removed it manually once you found it. Seeking help from these guys won't get you anywhere. The installation of a hard drive on a laptop, is so simple, it makes me wanna cry when i hear they ask for 60 bucks to replace it. You open the lid, slip the old one out, slide the new one in! And also, don't be so sure your laptop will come back with all of its original components. My cousin went to upgrade his RAM there and the laptop came back WITH NO GRAPHICS CARD!!! Just trust me, you can do everything by yourself its just a matter of confidence and a little citation from google :P ;)))