LW5600 is awesome

Hi I'm glad you asked about gaming with LG Cinema 3D LW5600.
I have that model and my experience with it so far has been amazing.

3D glasses: they're cheap, lightweight and battery free so if you're the type of person who plays game for a long time, you'll be glad that you got LG Cinema 3D. (Other 3D tvs use shutter glasses, which are heavy and you have to charge them) These glasses are very cheap so if you like party games (Wii has a lot of them like Olympic and Mario party stuff), it's very affordable.

The picture quality is really good too. It has high fps rate (frames per second) so all the actions are really accurate and you don't miss a thing. (This would be very important if you like shooting games, action games, fighting games, etc) LG Cinema 3D is also flicker free and crosstalk free, which is good because I can't imagine how annoying it would be to have flickers and crosstalks when I'm playing games.

Here's my warning: don't play games for too long or your mom/fiancee/wife etc will get mad at you.