Mostly Agee

Many people using computers don't have a clue as how to or just don't care about backing up their data until something goes wrong with the computer. Then they want the computer back the way it was before the problem started with very little money spent. I don't think any normal person would mind paying X number of dollars if the work was done right at a resonable price. In my case the Geek Squad had my computer for two weeks, charged me 3 hours labor. I have changed graphics cards and associted software and drivers out in 30 minutes. They also chargeds me for a new graphics card and I ended up fixing their mistakes. You emphasized the word "Skilled". The 3 dudes that worked on my computer were idiots and that is my complaint about Geek Squad. Anytime a person is charged from $80.00, in your case a $150.00 an hour it should be skilled work, but rarely is. I have a photo business from my house and I know that all my clients photos and records need to be backed up. I don't believe in the "cloud" so mine are backed up on external hard drives as well as two sets of DVDs stored in different locations. I also have a mirror image of both hard drives in my computer , yet I can't get one person in my family or friends to back anything up??. As Forrest Gump said "Stupid is as stupid does" If their computers crash I will have no problem at all charging them to get their computers up and running, but at a fair price. I guarantee it will be more than $5.