by bockeric63 - 8/9/11 1:28 AM

In Reply to: LG 55LW6500......owners. by Studio-B

I own a LG Cinema 3D 55LW6500 and I absolutely love it.
I've written a post on it so i'll save the review but I will give you my personal likes and dislikes.
-Flexible viewing positions
Unlike with the active 3D tvs that produce images by sending signals to the glasses, I can lie down on my side and still watch movies/play games with superior image quality.
-Battery free 3D glasses
I can be playing games for several hours everyday and I never have to charge the glasses. It would be so much hassle to charge them after every use.
- No flickers or crosstalks so I never get eyestrains.
- I can watch any 2D content in 3D mode

- The appearance kinda look cheap. I mean, it's not as fancy as I'd like it to be.
Other than that, I have no complaints.

Hope that helped.