it cost to much..LOL maybe they should charg you $5 an hour?

by qlueless - 8/8/11 9:05 PM

In Reply to: Am I being ripped off by Geek Squad? by uh0hitsch0w

I know this thread is 2-3 years old.. Just thought I would post a little information..
For $199 the user gets one year of "most labor" support on problems that he/she has. (minus data backups) for up to three computers
Then they would change you $50-100 for a new hardrive (that has 10-30% markup)
Then I would guess you NEVER backed up your files, so they offered to backup your files for an additional $99-149

I see this day in and day out.. The user never backs up there files, then when a computer store offers to backup the files, they complain about the price..
Do the "users" just think computer repair shops should do free work, and hand out free parts?
I dare you to call ANY service company (HVAC, Plumber, washer and dryer repair) and find one that is willing to work on YOUR broken stuff for less than $80 an hour.

Run a complete Diag/repair of the crap you down loaded, PLUS run a complete hardware diag to find the failing harddrive, backup your data, install a new harddrive, move your backup files back onto the computer, run 199 windows updates, install xyz antivirus software, talk with you on the phone for 30-60 minutes, then talk with you agian when you pick the computer up... and you get ALL OF THAT for the BARGAIN price of $400-500.. plus they warranty the work for one year.
PLEASE please please.. I want SKILLED people to come work on stuff at my house for that DISCOUNT price.. If we worked in ANY other Skilled trade.. it would cost you $1200 or more.. I have billed $150 an hour for computer work in the past.. and worked for the company for an extended time. At that rate, your bill would have been an EASY $1500
The computers are worth NOTHING.. it's the DATA thats worth EVERYTHING.. who wants to loose the fist photos of the baby, and all of the wedding pics.. and OMG I spend years typing all of that crap (that no one will ever read lol).. What about my Quickbook data? My whole life is on there.. LAMO then why didn't you back it up??
Your LUCKY they COULD offer a data backup, I had customers drives COMPLETLY fail ... that cost $1600 just for the data recovery from a 3rd party company... and that didn't include my fee's.. since only a small hand full of companys in the world can recover files off of failed drives

Users need to realize that just becuase a new computer can be bought at $250 and up, doesn't mean that SKILLED labor to repair them should be any cheaper..

Now give it a few more years, the Cloud takes off.. all users data is stored in the cloud, the OS is Droid, and it has no real settings that can be changed, and is ran from a chip that cannot be written to and replacements cost $100-500... NO MORE computer work.. old one brakes.. you just by a repalcement, log in with the same username/password as the old device.. and everything is back .....Kinda like a cell phone, but all of your data is saved.