FastStone Image Viewer is nice.

by Noblepuker - 7/29/11 1:40 PM

In Reply to: The best photo editing software...? by lizbo2004

Try out 'FastStone image viewer'.Get the full,free version here at
I been using it for years.
FastStone has lotsa croping,converting,resizing,sharpening,and coloring effects you can use on pics.You can make old crappy pics look great,or great looking photos look crappy....combined with mspaint you should be covered.(FastStone has no drawing options)
On timestamps you could pull the photo into mspaint and use the 'colorchooser'..just select an area nearby,then color over the stamp with the pencil' option..OR,for a professional look,make a copy of said pic,and cut out a similar area the size of the stamp,and cover it.All this can be done in mspaint.