That's funny

by Jimmy Greystone - 7/27/11 8:11 PM

In Reply to: best buy > apple store by ultrabarrel

That's funny, because Apple dictates the retail price to all retailers, same as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo do with their game consoles. Now, Best Buy could do the same sorts of things the warehouse club stores do, and bundle some additional stuff with any unit sold, but Apple is pretty strict about pricing. That's part of the deal when you're an authorized reseller with Apple. So if what you say is actually true, then Best Buy is doing something that would be a big no-no, and certainly get the attention of some people in Cupertino.

And I'll leave it up to the mods, obviously, but that whole post sure has a sort of spam-like texture to it. There's a fine line between extolling the virtues of buying in some particular store and shameless self-promotion, and I'd say the above post crossed that line and then some. It's like a cross between spam and astroturfing. If it were my call, it would be gone, as would any reply to it. And if the person wants to come back and post again, just leaving out the rather over the top self-promotion, even better.