97 Grand Cherokee Linited - auto cutting out


My water pump went 8 weeks ago and I had it replaced. Then 1200 kays on a trip from Newman Wa to Carnarvon the day after it was fixed, The car broke down 126 kays from Carnarvon. The motor had cooked. it had only 175k on it

The local RAC replaced the motor with a second hand low kay one. Took 8 weeks to get it back. The ECU wasnt reading the auto trans. It got sent to Melbourne for testing and came back all clear

Got it back today and it drove. The mechanic blamed the after market rad o as the culprit after it was fitted 2 years before.

Now driving it down the street later tonight the auto lost power and was revving.

Of course the mechanic got a rather vocal call to his home.

I noticed that one taillight is out now and on the dash the tail light indicators showed being a problem

I am starting a new job in Perth on Tuesday (today being Friday) and need some help to diagonse the problem as the mechanic cant understand the situation.

He is picking the car up in the morning

I am desperate. If I dont get to Perth this weekend I will lose this job.

Help please


Geoff..my number is 0402332222 if anyone has an idea