I looked it up.

by siovahn88 - 7/20/11 10:04 AM

In Reply to: Actually it can be 15 months. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I already checked my model & all the other info and I've called Samsung and yes my TV only had 12 months. Even if, like I said in my op I've been using it for 19 months. And you're right, 5 years, what the crap am I smoking? I will not accept a failure like this because even if I had an extended warranty Samsung said they wouldn't do anything about it unless I shipped it back to the states - so a lot of good that would have done me.

I live in Guam, bought my TV at the Naval Exchange and Samsung's fix was for me to ship it back to the US to my parents house and then they would come out to see if there was a special service on it. I asked if he could just look it up on his magical computer and low and behold he could, there wasn't a special service. So I'm supposed to wait until we move back to the states and then call and maybe they will have a special service in by then. So a few more years later and toting this broke ass tv all across the world and maybe some slim chance we will get it fixed?