Tried, but thanks for the insight!

by jasontricci - 7/17/11 11:44 PM

In Reply to: That sounds normal by Jimmy Greystone

Thanks for the informative response. Actually, I've attempted this with no improvements. As of now, all I have selected are 2 channel sound options configured "manually" under sound settings on the PS3. TV sounds fine with my Comcast Cable. It's only when using the PS3 for EITHER DVD's and Blurays does sound become a serious dissapointment, which leads me to believe there is a setting I am missing. Just sounds "muffled" and soft dialogue is REALLY hard to hear. There HAS to be. There's no way two different PS3's hooked up in the exact manner to two different TV's that would exhibit the exact same problem. Thus, I've concluded that there is a setting I'm missing in BOTH of the PS3's that I've simply overlooked.