That sounds normal

by Jimmy Greystone - 7/17/11 6:03 AM

In Reply to: sound settings by harrie12l

That sounds normal. Generally speaking, TVs do not have a Dolby Digital or DTS decoder chip in them, so they would not be able to process those audio formats. When you tick off those boxes, it tells the PS3 to send the raw surround sound data, and to assume that you have some device on the other end with a decoder chip for that format.

You want to disable everything except stereo, unless you know for a fact that yours is a TV set that has a built in surround receiver which I think has been demonstrably shown not to be the case, so that way the PS3 will decode and collapse the surround sound data into two channels. If and when you get a surround receiver and 5.1/7.1 speakers, then you can enable Dolby 5.1 and DTS audio options. However, until that time, enabling them is only going to lead to problems. Disable all audio formats EXCEPT stereo, because all your TV supports is stereo and mono.