No sound when using HDMI cable.

by d9in - 7/17/11 2:46 AM

In Reply to: Same problem no sound to HDMI by Michael_grumpy_old_man

The main point here is to FIRSTLY connect the pc to the tv via the HDMI cable. If you dont do that first all the information on all these posts is usless. You dont have to turn the pc on or off or the tv just connect it and select the HDMI port you are plugged into on the tv and you will have a picture but no sound. Go into the CONTROL PANEL on pc select HARDWARE AND SOUND, click on SOUND and a BOX will appear saying PLAYBACK at the top left corner. SELECT the TV icon and then click SET AS DEFAULT. The green tick will appear next to the tv icon and you will now have SOUND. Every time you unplug the HDMI cable the pc automaticly goes back to default REATEK HIGH DEFENITION AUDIO. Every time you plug the HDMI cable in the pc automaticly recognises the TV so there should be no more messing about.ITS NOW LIKE PLUG AND PLAY. THIS IS FOR W7 with SP1 not sure if VISTA is the same.