I have LG 55LW6500...

by johnnrd - 7/14/11 2:39 AM

In Reply to: LG 55LW6500......owners. by Studio-B

I have had a 55" LW6500 at home for about two months now and so far I am satisfied with it. Personally, I don't like it's design because it looks boring and bit too big for me, but my wife says it looks classic. Well, everybody has different tastes so I don't know what you would say.

Overall, however, I think LW6500 is a good TV for its price. What I like about this TV the most is it's glasses and the remote. LG gives you 4 pairs of glasses and two remotes for free with its TV. This wand-like remote acts like mouse on computer and you can move around so easily and selecting the buttons is easy. It is not like pressing arrow buttons hundreds times to type in your name or to navigate the apps. Very smart. Good job LG happy

Also, I liked its glasses. First because I don't have to worry about breaking them because they are so cheap to replace. Second it doesn't flicker so my eyes feel easy and comfortable, unlike other types of 3D TV that I have tried. Lastly because it is lightweight and I don't have to worry about charging them every time after I use. It is more work than you think and I know this because my friend has one of those TV sets that needs its glasses to be charged.

My experience with this TV has hit the spot and I would definitely recommend this TV to others.