Some success with command prompt but where do I go from here

by hatescomputers - 6/30/11 4:04 PM

In Reply to: First ... by Edward ODaniel

I guess at the moment I have no Anti-Virus program. I deleted AVG because I found posts of people having trouble downloading after installing AVG so I wanted to see if deleting it would solve my problems... Should I re-install it?

At the moment, I cannot download anything from IE. There's a little pop-up at the bottom of the screen that checks every download for viruses - and everything comes back as unsafe and will not download. Even the Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner wont download - it shows up as virus detected. I tried fiddling with all the IE settings- lowering security, resetting the settings, allowing download, etc. but still no luck. This only started happening as of IE 8 (I think I'm on IE 9 now) but even before this hyper-sensitive virus detector I wasn't able to download.

On Mozilla, I can click download. I can save file - it doesn't give me the option of choosing where to download to. It shows up on the "Downloads" window but I cannot double-click to open or right-click and select open from the menu.

I am the only user on this computer and my account is Admin but how would I know if I don't have access?

I did the command prompt you suggested and got back:
Volume in Drive C is
Volume Serial Number is
with a jarbble of codes after is.
I didn't get the Directory bit that you showed though....

What should I do now?

Thanks so much for helping by the way. I'm fairly computer illiterate (had to google how to command prompt even).