by zanada - 6/25/11 5:48 AM

In Reply to: Not sure I understand by MarkFlax Moderator

The little app is msicuu2.exe.
Recently I discovered the installer folder and noticed it was just over a Gig so I wanted to see if there was any cluther in there I could cleaned up.
Searching I learned that Microsoft made an 'Install clean up utile' I think initialy intended for Office suite - for when someone aborted an install and wanted to clean up and start again.
It found a new purpose in the C:\WINDOWS\Installer\ folder. In some the installer folder got very big for some users so it proved very useful.

It certainly is a 'user beware app' so i guess when too many catastrophes were occuring Microsoft pulled it.
But here Grif has fished one out for me. So It lives!

But when i open it - it has a list of the apps I can select with the possibility of removing them should i want to. But there are no other fonctions or 'buttons'.
What it sees, 'the lines' as i put it, are the apps, updates, pluggins and service packs.
But It all looks necessary to me so I'll just leave well enough alone and leave that folder undisturbed.