re---undoing changes.....

i tried to do a system restore to a previous time and the only time i could go back to was sunday 6am. it was approx monday 5am at the time i was doing this restore so that didnt help me much. and no.. it didnt work. i had been having the problem with mipony for 2-3 days by then already so i didnt expect it to help. i dont know why but i think previous restore points had been deleted. probably to save space. i have a very small drive.
i cant do a clean install of my os. i dont have that option. i think even if i did have a mint copy of xp pro around it would wipe the drive of everything on it.. wouldnt it? if not.. then that would be fine. but then all the other working programs that i have on here would stop working and id have to go and find the original set up files for every single thing i have and start all over again and that would take weeks if not months. it should be much easier to just fix whatever is wrong with this os if anything and make my mipony work. i dont mind reinstalling mipony since that takes only a minute and its only one program to download and install. windows takes 3 hours to install and then theres the drivers. and once thats done all the programs that i use have to be reinstalled to work with it. thats not what im looking to do just to make mipony work.
thanks for this suggestion tho. (eyeroll)