demanding support??

by darthcdrx - 6/21/11 6:05 PM

In Reply to: I did help. by R. Proffitt Moderator

im not DEMANDING support from anyone. what the hell is that all about? i posted a request for help. why on earth would u turn that around and say im demanding support?? whats wrong with u? i am unable to find the author of the program or i would contact them. i notice u didnt give me their email address or a way to contact them. i did write to but i dont know if thats an address i can expect a response from and i havent heard back from them yet. its been 4 or 5 days now. i have also been in contact with many others who have been using the program for several years and similar programs like it. currently i seem to be able to use jdownloader. it wouldnt work til last nite but now it is working for me. i wasnt able to use it for one particular site i like to work with but i even figured out how to work with that site too. i dont like jdownloder as much as mipony so i really would like to get mipony to work for me again.