Re: What is the AVG installer application

by Ondrej_AVG - 6/13/11 11:43 PM

In Reply to: What is the AVG Installer Application by chafer444

Hello chafer444,

If you look at our AVG Free website with all installation files of AVG Free Edition, you will see 3 types of installation files:

1) AVG for Windows - AVG Online Installer
2) AVG for Windows (32bit) - avg_free_x86_all_2011_1382a3669.exe
3) AVG for Windows (64bit) - avg_free_x64_all_2011_1382a3669.exe

1) Is smaller, but needs access to the Internet to download the installation package. Supports resuming of the download = download manager for AVG installation file

2) and 3) are full installation files (complete) and don't need Internet access during installation.

On CNET you can download the 1) only.

Thank you