I'm part of the Optura 20 club

by tubaloth - 6/5/11 7:23 PM

In Reply to: Canon Optura over exposure by Canonouser

We don't use our Camera that much, bought it way back in 2003. Some Family Friends wanted to borrow our camera for a while. I said sure.

They kept saying the screen was to white. I didn't get what they ment. I got the camera back and saw that exposer problem, played around with it, and it went away.

I just recently went on a trip, Truned the camera on to record and it was all white. I thought maybe I had done something wrong. I played around with it. Same thing kept happening. The only thing I would do is take the battery off and then back on. This seems to only work 50% of the time. Meaning if I do it 10 times I might get it to work on the 5th try.

I am now trying to hook up my camera to my Windows 7 machine through USB. Windows 7 doesn't even recognize there is anything connected to the computer.

I installed some old drivers, then I tried to install the drivers in Compatiblity mode (windows xp). Still doesn't seem to work?

Anybody getting this camera to work with Windows 7?