rpcnetp.exe and rpcnetp.dll

by Carol~ Moderator - 6/1/11 9:05 AM

In Reply to: rpcnetp.exe .dll? by G_Unzueta


According to a Toshiba Support Bulletin, the repcnetp.dll is part of your Toshiba models' Lojack application, which is manufactured by Absolute.

From Toshiba :

The files rpcnetp.exe and rpcnetp.dll may be incorrectly identified as indicating a 'Trojan' virus, by anti-virus software.

Several computer manufacturers, including Toshiba, have received reports that virus protection software may report these files to be a Trojan virus. Warnings about these files may be safely ignored. The files are not part of a virus, they are part of Absolute Software's Lojack application.

Hope this helps..