No version, disappearing files

by G_Unzueta - 6/1/11 8:40 AM

In Reply to: .. by Kees_B Moderator

Located at C:\Windows\System32, the details tab has the version information blank, as is everything else, the file size, for both the exe and dll is 17kb. To clarify, the process runs for a few moments at startup that I've noticed, I've kept task manager open for extended periods of time but havent seen it run at other times. Also, when I started this thread, I found the file by going into the 'open file location' option of the task manager, but when I went into the directory to search for the version number, both files had disappeared. So I restarted, and sure enough the process ran again, and both files were there again, this time I actually saw the exe file just disappear from the directory just after I looked for the version number.