by mis199 - 5/27/11 10:59 AM

In Reply to: Looking for a cool FPS, any suggestions? by Rapid_Run

i would sugest modular combat its not a proper game is a mod for hl2 i dont know if it has ctf or search and destroy but it dose have the survivle mode,coop survivle mode,deathmatch and there is a 4th one but i forgot i think it might be ctf if you want here is the link i play it alot if you have non steam half-life 2 pack you will need to use this code "C:/Program Files/games/Half-life 2/hl2.exe" -steam -game mc -appid 4001 and your done then run it (make sure you have all the hl2 ep 1,2,deathmatch files in the mc folder just stuff like models materials and you shold have the game witch no errors happy