All I can say is wow....

by Tyroniuz - 5/21/11 8:12 PM

In Reply to: Grand Cherokee 2000 Electrical Problems by jeepkid1

This is an amazing post. I have to hand it to you. Hands down one of the most helpful posts I have seen in a long time. Now fortunately for me the "reboot (pull power for a few minutes)" method worked for me... however I had a voltmeter on hand and believe it or not... a friend had an oscilloscope also. I drug all of the equipment out and was ready to go ... after that I pulled the battery cables. While waiting I cleaned the battery terminals and buffed up the headlight lenses with some crest toothpaste since they were getting really foggy. Yes... I said crest toothpaste... dont bother buying the super duper buffing kit blah blah... get some crest and some paper towels or a scotch brite pad... plastic ones not metal scratcher... little elbow grease and pow... looks about 200x better. Then I pop the positive cable on and crank it down... then the black... and crank it down. I decide just to check on the off chance the reboot fixed the issue and low and behold when I hit the key it was 75 degrees outside .... the air worked... the windows worked... and even my check engine light was now off...... I have never been so glad to put my tools away and go in the house..... grin The only thing that could make this post any better would be if someone posted pictures of the common locations/areas of pcm/tcm/bcm etc or pictures of the actual parts... happy

Thank you to all those who post useful information..... It makes those of us that like to help others want to keep doing it.