Re: Photoshop 4 Problem Under XP

by Modemmogul - 11/2/04 7:34 AM

In Reply to: Photoshop 4 Problem Under XP by flardl

The problem with Photoshop 4.o is that it was designed to recognize memory in terms of kilobytes not megabytes. The manufacturer offers no patch or fix. Obviously they want you to purchase the new $600+ version they now offer. However if under the preferences section you back off the cache level to around 40 gigs the program has less problem with allocating memory. With the exception of working with very large files 1,200,000 or larger, it crashes less often. You just have to experiment with it and save often. Also make sure that your cache file is on the same hard drive as the program. It's not perfect but it allows me to still use the program for most photo editing needs. This is the only fix I have found after a fairly exhaustive search for an answere. Hope this helps and let me know if anyone finds a patch.