Re: Mp3nity IS Free

by peterbutler CNET staff - 5/13/11 11:20 AM

In Reply to: Mp3nity IS Free by Littlelan

Hi, Littlelan. Rather than hashing it out here, I'll follow up with you via the email listed in your account.

For those users and publishers following, the sticking point on the Trial vs. Free license type here is the claim that the "free" version pf Mp3nity includes premium features that expire after a month (even though the rest of the features continue to work), which is pretty much the definition of "Trial" for us.

That is where the "fine line" comes in. Littlelan says "Free product with some trial features"; says "those trial features make it a Trial."

>> Note that most FREE programs on CNET have a similar Premium/Gold/Pro option.

We have a huge library, so it's hard to speak in definites, but I don't think we have any "Free" products that include time-limited features. We have lots of "Free" products that have optional upgrades, but I don't *think* they feature any trial features in their Free versions. If anyone has any examples, please email me through my CNET profile, because we obviously want to treat all products equally.

I will again confirm the reported behavior (of trial features expiring) and take this discussion to email, Littlelan. Thanks for responding.