Mp3nity IS Free

by Littlelan - 5/13/11 9:42 AM

In Reply to: Re: Mp3nity Free vs. Premium by peterbutler CNET staff

I'm from Littlelan, the developers.

I disagree completely, it's not a fine line between Trial and Free w/ Premium. One expires after a period of time and your only option is to purchase it or uninstall it, and the other offers a free fully-functional application, but also, you get extra bells and whistles if you decide to pay.

For example, users who are looking for a free fully functional tag editor, they can safely download Mp3nity, because tag editing for instance is fully functional and unlimited. The same truly goes for most of the program functionalities. So it's unfair to say it's not free because it is and it doesn't expire, nor you'll ever see nagging dialogs or weird stuff. Now, since Mp3nity is a multi-tool program, you can get extra tools, without affecting the others if you pay for Premium, such as the converter and the CD ripper. Note that most FREE programs on CNET have a similar Premium/Gold/Pro option.

And note that Mp3nity is filed on CNET under Music Management, and not CD Rippers or Converters, and as a Music Manager, compared to similar editors/managers in that section, I can assure you it's completely free, as your staff may have tested and verified. Because so many of our users requested it to be and so we made this major change for them.

Also, I need to point out that this discussion is out-dated. It started back when Mp3nity was indeed a Trial program with a free lite version on the side.

So, please fix back the page, and if you need more information, you can consult our website or contact me.