Re: Mp3nity Free vs. Premium

by peterbutler CNET staff - 5/10/11 12:28 PM

In Reply to: What does fully function mean? by drwdjones

Hi, DJ. Thanks for your continued persistence here. Sometimes there is a fine line between "trial software" and "free software with an available premium upgrade," but I think you are correct that Mp3nity seems to be more of a trial of the Premium version than a separate free version in and of itself.

I think the deciding factor here is the fact that certain features are available for a limited time. That clearly indicates "trial" to me, so I'm switching the license back to trial.

What likely happened here is that Littlelan likely updated its Web site to include information on a new, free version and the processor of the title on our system failed to notice that it still includes trial functionality.

I've changed it back to a 30-day trial and will follow up with the Mp3nity publisher. Thanks again for the communication.