here's one for you

by dannyiwatchlife - 5/4/11 11:24 AM

In Reply to: Help! Home Security Camera! by doneill220

full disclosure, I work for iWatchLife.

You can try our service. We offer two IP security camera models from Axis, $200 for the basic one and $279 for the one with light and audio.

However the really neat stuff is the service. Hook your IP camera up to your wireless network and connect to your online account and you can view your camera views and set a whole range of alerts that you get via email. You get an email with a picture of the alert but then you go online and you can see a video of what triggered the alert.

Our big thing is that you can draw an intrusion zone in the camera frame so you'll be notified if you get activity in that one zone vs anywhere in the frame.

You don't like it you can return within 30 days.

More info here.