Trio products, where to buy,...etc

I bot 4 GB MP3, video, recorder, photo player at K-Mart very recently. The buttons weren't intuitive for me but only took practice to operate. I can/did copy music files with Windows Media Player from my PC. The screen brightness in not good for me even with choices 1-5. Five was not really good for me but it will have to do. There were many choices in the menu, including calendar, calculator, and using files and moving them around. Oh yeah, there is a book reader. The 2.4" screen is not large but functions, according to the book reading sample, o.k. for such a small screen. One album seemed 'damaged,' though all others played very well. The record button works while held for about 10 seconds before turning itself off. The time and date function seems to accept being updated but fails to keep or save the new info. With a better set of earphones than the ones supplied, the music is clear and adjustable for different genres though I can't tell that any make a significant difference. The original price was $32? for 4 GB and not the touch type. It was on clearance for a better price. A K-mart replacement guarantee was offered for and additional $3 for one year (rather than return for repair or replace through American company.) This functions better for me than 1 GB clip with no window to make clear choice. I like the folders, albums, menus to choose from. For the price I am trying it out. It's returnable in 30 days for refund if not satisfied.