Same problem no sound to HDMI

I think the problem is this.. on an Acer machine and a brand new Samsung, both windows 7, the sound was fine when connected thru HDMI then one day it failed to reconnect back through the speakers. I messed around and disabled the HDMI output this fixed the sound back onto the laptop, both times I completely failed to get back sound via HDMI. But I solved it today! The key is in the control panel/ hardware and sounds/ manage audio devices. The HDMI option was never there just the realtek speaker. RIGHT CLICK on the only option you have, in my case the realtek speaker, select both disconnected and disabled devices. The HDMI then reappears like magic, select it, make it active by enabling it and problem solved. I think and hope that the issue most people have is just not being able to see HDMI because the disabled devices is not ticked, you have to right click to be able to check it! Hope this helps.