by RedAndSmart - 4/13/11 1:27 PM

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After a year of fighting with Samsung Executive Customer Support I finally received a full refund for my original purchase price and have now dispensed with this product and it's issues. I did have another comment, however.

"Samsung_HD_Tech" recommends running directly HDMI to the television from your video sources and then running optical audio out to the HTIB. What he fails to mention, however, is that if you do this, you don't get 5.1 surround sound, you only get stereo (at least on a 7 series LCD, and presumably earlier models, don't know about the new X000 series units). The owners manual for my LN46B750, on page 11 (English) says the following:

"When the source is a digital component such as a DVD / Blu-ray player / Cable Box / Satellite receiver (Set-Top Box) and is connected to the TV via HDMI, ****only 2 channel sound will be heard from the Home Theater receiver****. If you want to hear 5.1 channel audio, connect the digital audio out jack on DVD / Blu-ray player / Cable Box / Satellite receiver (Set-Top Box) directly to an Amplifier or Home Theater, not the TV."

So, buyer beware!

P.S. I recall that a firmware update did fix the problem with the power-on chime playing when it wasn't supposed to do so. I think that the issues with the OSD for the volume appearing inconsistently had to do with whether, when in AnyNet+ mode, you were sending signals to the TV to adjust the volume, or to the HTIB to adjust the volume. One would produce the OSD and one would not. So, it was a consistent result, just not the same result.