It would be fantastic if an experienced mechanic that has co

Maybe if those who call themselves "Technicians" could or would learn how to FIX a problem instead of stand there and scratch their ass and say "it's this" or "it's that" when in reality they haven't the slightest clue as to what it is. The day that those who call themselves "technicians" mearly because they have the damned piece of paper hanging on the wall and the sewn on patches up and down their sleeves, that proclaim them to be a certified Mr Goodwrench or whatever can actually troubleshoot a problem, locate it and actually fix it the first time, I will stop calling them rip-off artists. What we are talking about here is knowing enough about a vehicle to be able to fix it right the first time. We're not talking rocket science or even brain surgery. It's not even long division so why is it that the "technicians" treat a mechanical or electrical problem as if it's some sort of voodoo witchcraft? And another thing... who cares if you paid $50K for tools?? That doesn't qualify you to change my oil if you can't find the freakin' drain plug.