Grand Cherokee Issue

by carsqwerty - 3/30/11 9:39 AM

In Reply to: Grand Cherokee 2000 Electrical Problems by jeepkid1

I have an 03 GC. It has had most of the same issues and more. The info you gave allowed me to find which "modules" were faulty and I then replaced them. Not to my surprize, the issues came back a few days later. So I am not the best with typing or writing in general, but I have some VERY important things that all GC owners should be aware of. To start this thred correctly, The symptoms I have endured are gauges going hay wire, engine misfireing(shaking), stalling at a light, or while driving,(can hold gas and break at light and it stays on), after coming to stop (idleing fine) it feels as thou it down shifts, (there is a kick that you feel, that jerks the car just a touch, yet very noticable) then the rpms drop and engine dies. (unless you are holding the gas and brake of course) So being fourtunite enough to have the tools and shop that i do, my buddies and I were tired of this car beating us and apparently everyone else. We started hunting these issues 3 months ago and have been all over looking for an answer. Took it to the dealer> same thing "nothing wrong with it Sr." Ok. we started on 3/18/11 we decided to dismantle the vehical. So far it is completly apart and we have found a few things that are definetly causing some of these issues. First one addresses the modules burning out(shorting out) at the factory they took the three power wires and two ground wires and put them in a sleve then wrapped them with electrical tape. They did this wrong! (Side note: I will have pictures posted as soon as i figure out how to post them) If you take of all that electrical tape and sleve, you will see that by having the wires in the same loom tied together real tight like this, that the isualation on the wires has gone bad due to the temp changes and this causes the wires (including the alterantor wires that are in that loom as well) arc across to each other. This issues was found before the tear down of the car, and once i replaced the wires and ran them in a more respectful manner, I no longer had modules burning out. so all of my electrical issues stopped. But still had the stalling issue. By the way, the battery wires being crossed like they were, burnt up my alternator, starter, pcm,ingnition switch, and a couple modules(trans and ecm). Some other WJ ownwers and friends of mine have opened the loom on their battery wires and had the same exact issue as well. And yes we did find that most of the WJ's in the junk yard also had this exact same issue. As for the tera down. The WJ is completly apart. complete drive tran, iterior, dash, front clip, rear bumber and canister system, gas tank, and wiring harness(all of them) have been removed for inspection. Another thing we have found is that the wiring on the top rear section of the engine is prone to rubbing on the head bolt and another section that is to be afixed to the top of the transmission also prone to rubbing, has rubbed enough to thin out the wire and even thou there does not appear to be any expossed wire, they still arc, or ground out. So those wires have been completly replaced and protected properly. Another issue we found was a celinod in the trans that was defective due to this (proply causeing the down shift issue) will know soon as we are soon to be putting the car back together. In the dash we found a few (again) tightly wrapped wires that we addressed in the same manner. these were right behind the gauge cluster and radio area. We opened the computer (PCM) and found that there may be some issues in there as well. It appers that there is a few bad soilder connections, as they look to have cracks in them. So the computer is in Florida being "refurbished". Some more random things we found were, The neutral safty switch was loose on the side of the transmiision housing, trans mount was also bad, the camshaft possition sensor was bad, crank shaft position sensor checked out ok, the pcm has a service bulletin that was listed for it in June of 2003 listing the need for reprogramming with new software. an issue we have not yet addressed but will soon. It requires "techCONNECT Workstation" all in all I can't yet say that this is soulving the issues with the car, but will soon have it back together to see the results of the extensive tear down and inspection. The WJ will back together very soon and I will post any and all cures found. As much as I have read in these forums and tryed to find, I have yet to come across any one simple solution./ Thou I am VERY confident that the battery cables and some other small wireing in the dash having been initially installed incorrectly are a major factor in all these issues. I will keep posting and would love feedback on any of this. Always Persistant, Carsqwerty