Fixing Photo Impact 6 through 11 on Vista

by Buckeroni - 3/29/11 8:18 AM

In Reply to: Photoimpact 11 and Windows Vista 64 bit by dime21

Hi Dime21, I had the same problem. It was annoying not because I had to click the okay button everytime the program loaded but because it it made me feel like something was wrong. This is how I fixed mine. On your desktop...right click the photo impact icon and choose properties. Then click on the compatibility tab. Check the box at the bottom where it says run this program as an administrator. Then Click apply. It's all fixed. The only thing is that before the program loads there will be an administrator box pop up asking if you allow the program to be ran. There should be a way to shut off that administrator pop up box so that you won't have to do anything but double click the icon. I haven't figured that out yet but will post if I do. Thanks for reading. Hope this helps. happy