Oops, hit send to early in response to BUYER BEWARE Samsung


Looking at samsung.ca website under the specs for this TV it says that WiFi Adaptor Support included, which I thought meant it had Wifi included. When I contacted Samsung Canada they responded with a two sentence email, that basically told me tuff luck.

If the basis of "poor customer service" is not giving you what you expected, but didn't pay for, then most customer service centers will have a tough time pleasing people.

If we gave out free upgrades based on the fact that people misunderstood, then everyone would buy the entry level product, complain, and then expect the features of the more expensive product at our expense. That's the reason we offer different models. People have different needs, and will buy at different prices.

For that, "Buyer Beware"?

Samsung provides a forum to answer questions prior to, and after purchase. We don't control, edit, or moderate on C|Net.
Samsung provides the user manuals online free to download prior to purchase that explain 95+% of all questions people ask here.
Samsung provides a Question and Answer section on the U.S. portion of the website, and participates with many retailer's websites in answering customer questions submitted to those. Both of these are accessible worldwide, although they may vary by region.
Samsung's support is toll free, and a free call in the U.S. and Canada. And product assistance is still free, long after some manufacturers charge you for troubleshooting.