Re: "How to retrieve pictures,files after a factory restore"

by OldCelticHippy - 3/26/11 9:42 AM

In Reply to: Depends by Jimmy Greystone

1: If you used a factory restore disk, unless it had an option to restore without formatting the HD, your files are effectively lost.
2: Extremely expensive Professional recovery services are unnecessary. I use Active@ Boot Disk (costs less than $60.00)to restore lost files, folders, and partitions on a hard drive.
3: Jimmy Greystone is either unlearned in file recovery, or he is a so-called "professional" himself, with a vested interest in expensive solutions to disk problems.
4: PLEASE, in the future, keep backups of your files and partitions on an EXTERNAL hard drive. These types of drives are very inexpensive ($50+, if you can find a deal). There is no reason people should lose their files (many times, irreplacable ones) nowadays. I use Norton Ghost 15 to backup my computer (about $59), but Windows 7's backup program does a great job of backing up one's drives for free. It even creates images of the drive, either one time, or incrementally. This would ensure that the only way one could lose their files would be for the backup drive to fail.

Donald L McDaniel