Sometimes the simplest answer

by yournextcase - 3/24/11 10:00 AM

In Reply to: 2000 gcl by lnorrell

Similar thing happened to me this morning...tried to unlock the driver's side door using the remote entry key fob. Nothing unlocked the door using the key. Once inside, the interior door unlock switch didn't work...nor did the window switches. Read in the blogs about possible resolutions. Went with the simplist first. Disconnected the negative battery cable for 30 seconds and then reconnected. All problems fixed. At least in this case, it appears that the electrical problems were related to the PCI Bus. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery seemed to act like rebooting a home computer...cleared the problems and now good to go. If anyone is having similar problems, I suggest trying this super simple fix first before doing complicated testing or parts replacements.