96 Jeep GC Laredo

These cars all develop the same symptoms.. before you try anything else.. locate the ECM. On the 96 GC it is behind the radiator overflow - remove 3 10mm nuts. Lift it out of the way. The ECM has a plastic cover which pops off(forward)and you will see three large plug bundles plugged into the ECM. Here is what a guy told me- disconnect the battery, then there are two torx screws holding the cover on the actual metal ECM - they are 1/2" long..below the plugs in the front of the ecm. With wear and bouncing the board moves and contacts the end of the screws-- back them out half way - reconnect the battery and try to start it - if it works.. put in 1/4" sheet metal screws instead of the 1/2" long ones. Problem solved in my 2 cases.
It worked on both my 96 GC's. I am sure the guy saw this somewhere on the internet- he is just not that smart... this fixed the gas gauge issue and they run now..very well. I am guessing this was a long term problem that was intermittent..

If this doesn't fix it- the only other real culprits are the crankshaft position sensor and the ECM itself... try it - there is nothing to lose and it may work for you.