96 jeep grand cherokee limited has the same problem

by kirk280zx - 3/15/11 6:27 PM

In Reply to: 98 jeep cherokee sport by shipleytyler

How do we fix it i say chrysler needs to pay ha ha i wish. My 83 datsun never ever has problems like this terd. I love it how all the electrical stuff just craps out. I could have hand wired this car with duct tape and soildered it, ya know? jerry rigged it!The blower motor just stays on i fixed that just unplugged it,then it kept beeping service 4wd switch unplugged it, then ran fine for few years died while driving no start,no fuel or spark someone have and anser i will reply once mine is fixed unlike evrybody else. please help comp cps or gas and a match?