1997 Jeep problems

by kelso99 - 3/3/11 5:46 PM

In Reply to: I'm having the same problem by kandrew1961

I have been experiencing same problems. Going down the road, die sometimes 3-5 sec. then fire back up, sometimes backfire sometimes not. Sometimes in morning turn over but wont start, come home from work and will start right up. Replaced o2 sensor,crank sensor, coil,pick-up in distributor. Been thru most wiring harness under hood for broken wire,nothing found. Hard wired from battery to coil, still same problems. Unplugged pcm terminals no arking on posts. While running wiggled pcm terminals ,tapped with hammer, no problem. No consistency, weather,outside temp.,length of driving. Can anyone help? 1997 JEEP GRAND CHEROKE 6 cyl. 4wd