10 days with Trio T4300hd-8gb- A great MP3 player!

This player is a dream compared to my ZUNE 4GB. The ZUNE is difficult to manupulate and the sound output, even with exteneral speakers, is too low: the Zune is not to play in the car with a portable speaker. This Trio is a dream, easier to install podcasts and music than the awkward Zune software. Have you had music disappear from your ZUNE? I have. The bonus is that this Trio is a great portable video player and for photo viewing. It even has a small ebook reader. I have a Kindle but the Treo, though small, is in color.
The only problem I have found is that although it works great on my Windows 7 computer, it crashed when I connected to my XP computer.
This MP3 player is a dream for the price. I just wish it had notepad, memopad, calculator and datebook; then it would make a super PDA.