by williaa - 2/17/11 1:33 PM

In Reply to: Weathered by R. Proffitt Moderator

I get your point. I do understand that environmental issue as well as others are thing out of the vendors control. Brick and mortal can't garantee receipt of deliveries under those conditions. My point is get in from of the issues instead of throwing customer to canned responses, no response to inquiries or just plain old making it impossible for the customer to reach a human being.

After, several phone calls and/or email (which generally is the only way for most consumer to reach e retailers) customer are left with a sense of either theft or scam. A timely response would have sufficed.

Again, this was my first experience with this e-tailer. I don't generally give the benefit of doubt, however, I will in this instance because they asked. I appreciate the request.