Trio 4300 Recommendation

by plfry3 - 2/15/11 11:43 AM

In Reply to: Mach Speed Trio T4300HD 8GB MP4 Player by Southrncomfortjm

I just bought this yesterday for work. Took it out of the package, did not have to read the manual, and within an hour, had connected it to my pc, downloaded files and was playing my music, videos and viewing photos. The touchscreen is easy to use, and with a good set of headphones, the sound has excellent quality. The external speaker is ok, but does not put out enough volume if you were in a noisy area. The feel of the player is solid, and has a nice weight to it. Loading files is as simple as connecting the USB cable and dragging and dropping files in special software needed. We think it's going to be excellent for our use, and everyone here likes it so far.