Nokia BH-905

by wadoodchaudhary - 2/14/11 12:21 PM

In Reply to: Sennheiser MM550 vs Nokia BH-905i by MicmiC901

Go for Nokia BH-905 which is now available for < $150.00. I had Bose QC15 but wanted a bluetooth. I went for Nokia BH-905i but returned it after it developed noise in one ear piece. Now I have Sennheiser MM-450 and Nokia BH-905. To be honest neither MM-450 nor BH-905i are that good as to justify their price tag. between the two I found Sennheiser very easy to fold, lighter and what i really like about it is that it even fits into pant pockets. I also found it more comfortable.
Unfortunately, noise cancelling in both is ordinary, no comparison to Bose, for example.

I am happy with Nokia BH-905 because there is not much difference between 905 and 905i, except in the price. Rather I found 905 noise canceling a notch better than its later incarnation, possibly because of extra padding.