Re: uninstallating AVG 2011 Free

by Ondrej_AVG - 2/7/11 10:43 PM

In Reply to: uninstalling avg 011 free by karron97

Hello karron97,

yes, I am installing AVG back, if it got corrupted or the conflict application has been already uninstalled.

Windows Defender is disabled (during installation) by almost all anti-virus producers due to possible conflicts and slowdown. Are you already using another protection application? (AVG, MSE, McAfee, etc.)
Else it is mostly started through service:
- press shortcut Win_Key+R (Win_Key = between Ctrl and Alt keys)
- enter "services.msc"
- lookup service named "Windows Defender"
- check its state, if it is running and set up as "Automatic" (you can change the state by double-click on its line)

What is the current situation?

Thank you