proxy switchy! = Chinese, all data but hugely popular!?

by nanonick - 2/6/11 2:55 AM

In Reply to: Yes, that one is trustworthy... by John.Wilkinson Moderator

So what about this one?
Proxy Switchy!
Mhd Hejazi

This is a proxy switcher. I would like to use it to toggle access to the medical library of our university.

It has remarkable 1017 ratings and 123,394 users and overall looks much more user friendly based on the pictures shown than the handful other proxy programs.
But: the user is not verified, it accesses all data on your computer (other proxy switchers only use browsing history).

I find it really interesting that almost all these proxy switcher extensions derive from china and only one is verified. They probably do that to get around internet censorship. But why access all data on my computer?