HP Tech Support

I own a HP Pavilion Laptop computer. First, this computer did not have the drivers for the mouse, the touch screen, or key board. It took a while to fix that but now I'm OK. Now my problem it with the crummy power cord. The ground on the AC plug has broken off. This is the second time this has occurred. (No AC cord that I own has ever done this, and HP does it twice). Second, I have a broken wire in the cable so it does not charge unless you hold the cable in place. This is the second time this has happened. Yesterday, I called HP and spent over one hour on the phone with a supervisor. I hung up. The tech called back with a case number. I called back with the case number today only to discover that the case number was meaningless, they wanted to trouble shoot the issue again, went to a supervisor, and finally got the new power cord shipped. Today, I was on the phone for 56 minutes. I will not be buying HP again.