Same Problem: Screen Blinks/Blacks Out UN55C8000 3D TV

This is very frustrating. My TV blinks (screen only goes black for a split second or two) mostly when streaming movies from netflix. It completely went black screen when streaming movies from amazon. I have the 20mbps with comcast and this happens with a wired or wireless connection to my samsung TV. I have contacted Samsung multiple times about this and each time they say they have never heard of this problem (what about the past 5 support chats I've had with them?). I have tried resetting the TV and even exchanging the TV thinking I had got a lemon. Both tv's have had the problem so chances are its more a common glitch that samsung refuses to acknowledge or they had a bad batch of tv's. Regardless its frustrating that I can find no fix for this issue and that samsung claims they have no knowledge of it. For a $2500.00 TV it should work flawlessly. My cheap vizio tv has wifi built in and works flawless, if vizio can make it work why can't a big company like samsung. GRRRRRRRRR......

Here is a link I found that shows my exact problem

Also please see this other cnet forum to help make samsung aware of this issue: