Stalling problem also

We have a 1996 Jeep Grd Cherokee and have experienced exactly the same symptoms. First place told us to change the spark plugs and wires, then to change the ignition coil to cylinder #1, second place changed the ignition coil for cylinder #1 again! The car is still having the same symptoms: stalls whether driving or stopping, starts again if we let the car cool down a bit.
A note I read on a forum seemed to present an easy fix and maybe a valid way to solve the problem: haven't tried it yet, not too keen as we have never worked on the car ourselves but this time to avoid the expense of changing a $800 PCM on a 170,000miles car we might consider it. The person said to change the screws inside the PCM and replace them with shorter screws as the originals are too long and end up cracking the motherboard.
Has anybody tried that?