stalling jeep

by orvis97 - 1/18/11 1:03 AM

In Reply to: I'll check the exhaust by mommy2avery

I had a similar problem. often when i would take my foot off the gas and slow to a stop the truck would stall. It seemed to do this more often when I would have the heat on. I eventually cleaned the Idle air control valve w/ throttle body cleaner. Also cleaned out the throttle body. all you need is a t25 torx wrench(looks like a Allen key with a star tip.)((every jeep owner should have one)) , long arms, and the cleaner. Go to a auto parts store have them print out a picture of the IAC. Also ask them to show you where it's at. If cleaning it doesn't work it might need to be replaced all together, $40 part. When all else fails change the battery (that's where the gremlins live)...